There is a story to be told with “Willa!”

I have joined the “Diamond Art/Diamond Painting craze with my first canvas by Myka Jelina/Diamond Art Club called “Willa.” I have been doing needlpoint and cross-stitch for years, and was intrigued that this was considered a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers. Who would think there could be so much joy in applying colorful resin rhinestones (“diamonds”) to a pigmented canvas! The results are dazzling, and like needlepoint and cross-stitch, I feel such a sense of accomplishment.

Description from Diamond Art Club:

Stretch your mind and set your inner soul free by breathing in the swirling, relaxing incense of inspiration.  Meditate on your worldly observations and record all your thoughts in a place secrets are keep internal. 
~ ~
By the time I was about one-third through the piece, I was ready to adopt Willa as my own daughter, decided to change her skin color to match my own, and savored every inch completed. The striking blue hat! The gorgeous inkwell! Ohh, and that animal print!

I have been reading a number of fantasy books lately (check out my goodreads 2021 Reading Challenge,) so I was eagerly ready to imagine “Willa” as a young adult fairy (do you see her wings?) drawing pictures of herbs she uses to creat potions and spells, and what good would she use them for.

There is a story to be told, and I might try my hand at writing a novella on the adventures of Willa!

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