My Diamond Painting Called “Saxophone” Sizzles! Pops!

46 seconds completing “SAXOPHONE!”

The saxophone is my favorite instrument. Whether I am listening to jazz, blues, neo-soul, or r&b, if there is a 🎷, it will catch my ear.
So I had to create my own masterpiece by Olha Darchuk/Diamond Art Club

Diamond Art Club’s Description:

Mix the impassioned melody of cool blues and sultry purples with the colors of intense, brassy yellows. And in the center of all this red hot jazz lies the seductive sounds of a soulful saxophone. Feel its palpable energy and revel in its sassy, sparkling spirit.

Seductive…. sultry.. brassy and sassy indeed! Check out my last 46 seconds of completing “Saxophone” and of course, I had to add some 🎶 🎷!

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